Portion Distortion Are Your Eyes Bigger Than Your Measuring Cup

Any Fitness World workout should also include a diet plan and/or a smart eating weight loss plan. If you were to ask most people what a serving of cereal was, they would tell you it was a bowlful. For some, that might actually be true, if they have a fairly small bowl that is. For most a bowlful of cereal is actually two or three servings. This same problem seems to occur with pasta and rice. It’s hard to eyeball how much a serving actually is. Portion control is the key to a fat burning diet. These guidelines might be helpful.

One Serving of grain is the equivalent of one slice of bread, one cup of cereal, half cup cooked rice, pasta, or cereal.

One serving of vegetables is the equivalent of one cup of raw or cooked vegetables, or two cups of raw leafy greens.

One serving of fruit is the equivalent of one cup of fruit, one large piece of fruit, one hundred percent fruit juice, or half a cup of dried fruit.

One serving of dairy is the equivalent of one cup of milk, one cup of yogurt, or one and half ounces of cheese.

One ounce serving of meat and beans is the equivalent of one ounce of meat, one fourth a cup of cooked beans, one egg, and one tablespoon of peanut butter.

If you are eyeballing your food the best way to determine a serving size is by picturing these things. For vegetables, fruit, beans, rice, pasta, cereal, yogurt and shredded cheese; one fourth a cup is about the size of a large egg, 1 cup is the size of a baseball. For meat, poultry, and fish; a three ounce serving is about the size of a standard deck of cards. For nuts, seeds, oil, salad dressing, spreads, and cheese; one ounce is the size of a nine-volt battery. For bread one serving, of a one ounce slice is the size of a CD. For fruit, one serving is about the size of a baseball.

So what good does this information do you? Knowledge is power. When you know how much a serving is its easier to notice when you’re overdoing it on your meals. Most restaurants serve dinner on a platter, not a plate. Most dinner portions could easily feed two people, and yet most people finish off their own plates just fine. Its these large portions that are supersizing our dress sizes.

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