The Kinds of Foods that Cause Belly Fat

Abdominal fat or visceral fat is the kind of fat that is most troubling to human health. It is good, therefore, to know the kinds of foods that cause belly fat in order to prevent its buildup.

When it comes to excess fat storage, the first culprit of course would be foods that are themselves full of fat. The bad fat that causes health complications come from food like bacon and other red meats, processed dairy products like cheese, butter and cream, and fatty cooking oils. Fried foods are the worst offenders among these fat-filled meals. Consider a piece of bacon, already fatty as it is, tossed into a pan filled with another kind of fat.

In just that single piece of bacon, a person will have doubled the different kinds of fat that will be deposited in his or her body as well as contributing to the growth of the belly. Fat is also found in snacks like French fries, burgers, ice cream – pretty much any kind of fast food meal. To decrease the amount of fat a person eats, it would be better to turn to a healthier diet filled with lean meats and fresh vegetables or fruits.

Food high in sodium content is also one of the most well-known causes of visceral fat problems. The average person easily consumes several times more salt than the recommended daily amount because salt is used in many food-processing stages. It can be used as a preservative, a desiccant, a taste-enhancing additive and many more. Avoiding foods high in sodium like salted peanuts or popcorn, junk foods and pickled food will go a long way toward preventing or decreasing the bulgy appearance of a person’s tummy.

Another particular type of fattening food one should watch is sugar. Of all the foods that cause belly fat, sugar is the one most prevalent in snacks. Cookies, candies, cakes, sodas – all contain lots of sugar in some form or other. Sugar is also the one compound that the body converts directly into calories, so eating more sugary foods than the body can use will only add to increasing abdominal fat problems.

Bread, pasta and other foods that are highly-processed carbohydrate-rich examples should be taken into account as well. Take white bread as an illustration. These kinds of breads have had the nutrients leaches out during the various refining stages used to make it. Carbohydrates turn into sugar compounds when processed by the body so it’s best to reduce their consumption or to turn to healthier carbohydrate sources. Whole wheat breads can replace these items in a person’s diet to better minimize fat retention.

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