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Adjustable Kettlebell Workout Weights

[p1vc-video] Kettlebells, likewise referred to as giryas, are a special workout device that belongs to a bowling sphere with a take care of…. 0

Teenagers and Weight Training

More and more parents wonder if their children can exercise with weights. Usually they are parents who have children aged 13 to 16… 0

3 Useful Pieces Of Advices If You Want To Start Doing Pelvic Exercises

This type of exercises is specially designed for women that have urinary incontinence or women that want to strengthen the muscles around their… 0

My Real Review For The Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer

I was searching for beginner level elliptical trainers, and after a lot of looking, I found that the Horizon Fitness EX-59 and the… 0

A Personal Experience With The Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Elliptical Trainer

This trainer was an impulse buy for my girlfriend, however it proved to be very rewarding.  My girlfriend was looking forward to purchasing… 0

Different Ways to Exercise at the Gym

One of the biggest benefits of working out in the gym is that you will have tons of options for how you can… 0

Things You Must Know Before Buying any Dumbbells

Nowadays buying dumbbells can easily be an expensive activity. For that reason it is important to think about it before buying anything else,… 0

Putting The X-Treme In Your Fitness Training With TRX

More and more people have been name-dropping this new form of workout all over the world, called the TRX Suspension Training. The X… 0

The Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast is Cardiovascular Exercise

If you are looking for the best exercise to lose weight fast, this short article will very quickly point you in the right… 0

Exercises For Fitness Equals A Better You

Women these days are more keen then men in finding ways to get rid of excess fat in their bodies. This is because… 0

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