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Maximizing Your Maximus Workout

Slim and trim those legs with this awesome butt burner workout! Perform this routine three times each week on alternating days to see… 0

Best Bootcamp

Inspired by the military and the workouts they engage in, boot camps have infiltrated and taken over the role of primary fitness training,… 0

Getting a New Fitness DVD

If you are looking to get a brand new fitness DVD, it will be extremely important to make sure that you take all… 0

How To Lose Weight The Military Way

The workouts and routines that people in the military do are effective when it comes to weight loss. These exercises are not only… 0

The Pregame Meal What Do You Eat

I’m guessing you focus on your every day diet, but do you put any emphasis on your pre-performance meal?  A pre-performance meal should… 0

Join the Fitness World

In today’s rapidly progressing Fitness World, boot camps targeted at achieving fitness have been getting all the credit for weight loss. It is… 0

Start Exercising Again

When you take time off from exercising for whatever reason, it’s easy to say to yourself that you’ll get to it later. But… 0

Benefits Of Using Kettlebell And Squat Rack

If you are a regular body builder or casual exerciser then squat racks must be among your favorite weight training equipments. You can… 0

How To Safely Use An Inversion Table

Proponents of inversion therapy claim that an inversion table can promote health by lengthening the spine and therefore reliving back and neck pain… 0

The Perfect Workout Combo with Home Fitness Equipment

It can be complicated when you try to think of what to get for your home gym there is so much home fitness… 0

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