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8 Ways to Get Stronger While You Work

It’s a well-known fact that sitting in front of the computer is generally not a great way to tone up. However, that doesn’t… 1

Pulling Exercises Often Neglected and Significantly Important

Unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard way. For years I had been the queen of finishing off my cardio workouts with some… 0

3 Useful Pieces Of Advices If You Want To Start Doing Pelvic Exercises

This type of exercises is specially designed for women that have urinary incontinence or women that want to strengthen the muscles around their… 0

A Couple Massage Is Something You And Your Partner Should Experience Together

A couple massage is so far one of the best among the best spa services at this time and age. As the name… 0

A Personal Experience With The Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Elliptical Trainer

This trainer was an impulse buy for my girlfriend, however it proved to be very rewarding.  My girlfriend was looking forward to purchasing… 0

Best Bootcamp

Inspired by the military and the workouts they engage in, boot camps have infiltrated and taken over the role of primary fitness training,… 0

Getting a New Fitness DVD

If you are looking to get a brand new fitness DVD, it will be extremely important to make sure that you take all… 0

The Pregame Meal What Do You Eat

I’m guessing you focus on your every day diet, but do you put any emphasis on your pre-performance meal?  A pre-performance meal should… 0

Easy Exercises To Do At Home

A lot of us do not have the time or the money to get a gym membership; especially mothers who have to stay… 0

Muscle Cramps What Next

Best Defense for Severe Muscle Cramps Are you interested to prevent severe muscle cramps? Well, you need to follow these tips and tactics… 0

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