Putting The X-Treme In Your Fitness Training With TRX

More and more people have been name-dropping this new form of workout all over the world, called the TRX Suspension Training. The X in the acronym may very well stand for “X-treme” as this workout is known to have been originally developed for intense military training.¬†

What Is TRX?

Basically, as its name suggests, the TRX entails working out the body using natural gravity as resistance. With the help of a strap attached to a beam or a wall, you suspend yourself on air by clinging on tight for dear life. From here, you can do your exercises, be it push-ups, squats, core workout, and more. It’s fairly easy to get creative with it as long as you’ve got the basics down pat.

Benefits Of TRX

Those perfectly sculpted abs and lean muscles need not be exclusive to them US Navy Seals. Among the benefits of this program is its flexibility, allowing you to do a wide range of movements.¬†Practitioners have vouched for its effectivity, saying that it really does reawaken the muscles – even those they’ve all but forgotten they had.

And because you at least need only the straps, it is a total workout that requires minimal equipment. It’s light for travel, so definitely you can bring your program anywhere you may be.

Disadvantages Of TRX

If anything, what you’ll have to worry the most about TRX is that it can really be very intense. As such, yyou can easily get injured, especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Then again, this is not mutually exclusive to the TRX workout alone. Whatever physical workout you do, you open up yourself to the probability of injuries, without proper education and guidance.

All in all, it’s a great way for you to get into shape. Just make sure to first consult with your doctor before subscribing to any physical workout that may potentially put your health safety at risk.

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