Are Nike Running Shoes Best For Serious Runners?

One of the most famous brands worldwide for sneakers and sports shoes is Nike, and this international corporation has a portfolio of footwear for pretty much every sport you can imagine. But are Nike running shoes really a serious contender when it comes to dedicated runners? Or are the new shoe companies on the block better suited to long runs such as marathons and other competition races, leaving Nike trailing in their wake?

It may be surprising, but Nike have remained very competitive in the running shoes market, where you might think they have now stretched their reach too far to provide real, serious quality in any one discipline. With ranges designed for all types of running gaits, and models of running shoes for girls as well as boys, Nike have demonstrated that they can compare very favorably against the increasingly popular running brands such as Asics, Brooks or Saucony. However it is very common to see many runners shun the Nike brand to opt for one of these others instead. Perhaps that is down to a matter of ego or maybe there is something else involved.

As most people perceive the “Swoosh” symbol of Nike as representative of sports in a more generic way, it has taken time for this large manufacturer to make a real mark, and commonly a runner will stick not only to one particular brand, he or she will also buy the same model again and again. It is a matter of finding a great pair of running shoes that fits well, feels comfortable and just works for you as a runner. So if your first truly great pair of dedicated girls running shoes happened to be a pair of Saucony ProGrid Rides, by now you have probably already run your way through a pair of Ride 2 sneakers and are onto your new pair of Ride 3 shoes.

Once that state of affairs has been established, it becomes almost impossible for any new brand to chip away at such strong brand loyalty, whether the newcomer is Nike or any of the other “just for runners” shoemakers.

So if you are new to running, you might want to at least give Nike running shoes a chance, to see how you get on. If they feel awkward or hurt your feet, or jar your joints, then it’s time to make the switch to any of the others (eg Saucony, Asics, New Balance, Mizuno or Brooks). But for starters, try out a pair of Nike Air Pegasus if you are a neutral runner; or if you are significantly flat footed, get a pair of Zoom Structure Triax+ for added stability. You might find that this great, but often overlooked, brand actually does have something serious to offer the committed fitness runner.

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