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Anyone who is actively involved in the fitness world knows that there are quite a number of protein and whey protein powder available in the market today. However if you have only just recently adopted a healthy living life style and are new to the fitness world then you may experience some confusion on what protein powered best suites you due to the large number of conflicting reports out there.

A large number of people in the fitness world believe that whey protein powder is the best source of protein while other believe that add in different sources of protein to make a shake is the ultimate source of protein and best option to go with as far as protein shakes are concerned. As such due to the varying beliefs on protein powder it can be quite difficult for someone who is new to the fitness world to identify the best option for themselves.

Experts in the fitness world believe that different sources of protein have varying important characteristics. As protein is an important element in a person’s daily nutrition program, identifying a protein powder or whey protein powder that best suits ones fitness needs is a crucial element to attain successful work out results. Different protein powders have varying digestion rates from slow, to medium or fast. In addition to this protein powders also differ from one another in terms of having different levels muscle building amino acids of which the most important are Valine, Glutamine, Isoleucine, Leucine and Arginine.

The amino acids found in a protein powder along with the protein powder’s digestion rate are elements that are crucial when identify a good protein powder since the concept behind building muscle is to stay anabolic. Taking protein powders prevents muscle tissue brake down due to the anabolic environment created by the amino acids found in powder while a person’s muscle building potential is determined by the rate at which the amino acids enter and exit the blood stream.

Consequently whey protein powder is often the best choice for those who are new to the fitness world and looking successfully get great results as it digests and feeds muscles quickly and is high in vital muscle building amino acids making it an excellent source of protein. Its only disadvantage is that it executes this for a very short time period then exits the body (fast in – fast out).

Therefore while most people in the fitness world recommend whey powder due it its digestion rate it is only able to keep an individual anabolic for a shot time. Because of this Fitness World experts know that incorporating different proteins with differing properties powders in a shake is the best option to attain fitness success.

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